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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Health Strategies for Natural Healing

Health Strategies for Natural Healing

Preparing to heal is an integral part of the natural healing process. Health strategies to maximize health fitness and minimize chronic disease prepare you for natural healing.

(1) The first health strategy is to stop auto-intoxification, which is self-poisoning of your body with toxins from the environment you are exposed to, the processed food you eat, and the unclean water you drink. Protecting yourself from these toxins prepares you for the self-healing process.

(2) Next, detoxification is a necessary health strategy for internal cleansing, without which self-healing cannot occur. Health strategies for internal cleansing may include: fasting, use of foot patches, skin brushing, foods and herbs, exercise, and water therapy.

(3) Healthy eating is one of the important health strategies for natural -healing. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, once said. "Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food." Always eat whole foods, not their processed counterparts. Include these foods in your daily diet:

  • Alfalfa sprouts: a super food for superb nutrients and effective detoxification
  • Beets: a unique vegetable for a healthy liver for internal cleansing
  • Burdock: a potent "blood purifier" with anti-cancer properties
  • Green barley: a green cereal grass with balanced concentration of nutrients found in nature
  • Brown rice (not white rice): one of man's oldest foods for tissue detoxification, as well as a pain-free staple food
 (4) Providing an optimum environment for health rejuvenation is another health strategy to sustain natural healing. A balanced acid-and-alkaline environment is conducive to cell replication and rejuvenation. Acid and alkaline are substances with opposing qualities. Your body functions at its best when the pH (acid-alkaline) is optimum, which is slightly alkaline. The pH of your blood, tissues, and body fluids directly affect the state of your cellular health. The pH scale ranges between one and fourteen. Seven is neutral. Anything below seven is considered acidic, while anything above seven is considered alkaline. Any deviation above or below 7.30 and 7.40 pH range can signal potentially serious symptoms of disease.

Too much acidification not only decreases enzyme activity for proper digestion of foods and assimilation of nutrients; but also depletes alkaline minerals, leading to bone loss and joint inflammation.

Some of the common sources of acidification are animal products, cereals, sugars and sodas, alcohol and tobacco. 

Natural healing takes time, and nature can never be rushed. Diligent application of health strategies will bring about ultimate  natural healing.

Stephen Lau 
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