Why Prayers Are Seldom Answered

<b>Why Prayers Are Seldom Answered</b>
Your “prayers not answered” means your “expectations not fulfilled.” The TAO wisdom explains why: your attachments to careers, money, relationships, and success “make” but also “break” you by creating your flawed ego-self that demands your “expectations to be fulfilled.”

Ways to Stop the Aging Mind

Do you want to have a better brain even as you age? Don't let your mind slip!

The human brain has great potential—even for those for who have dementia or memory problems. Your have fully utilized only a fraction of what the human mind is capable of. Therefore, it is never too late to harness the untapped potential of your mind. Don't let your mind slip!

Years ago, Richard Welch, scientist and researcher, developed a reading speed program, and in the process of research and development also discovered an amazing scientific program called Mental Photography. His amazing scientific proven phenomenon can help you harness 98 percent of your untapped brain.

How does Mental Photography work?

Richard Welch’s state-of-the-art system trains your subconscious mind so that your memory becomes razor sharp. According to his groundbreaking research, if you have acquired the ability to absorb information speedily, you can then effectively store the information in your long-term memory. No only that, you can store every single word in your long-term memory for life, such that you will never forget it and you can always retrieve it at your will. Click here for more information how to have a photographic memory.

But how do you remember it in the first place?

A razor sharp memory requires concentration and focus. Richard Welch uses Albert Einstein’s “Distraction Index” which is a simple but extremely effective exercise that gives you 100 percent laser targeted focus and concentration. He shows step-by-step how you can spend 10 minutes a day just to maintain what you have stored in your long-term memory. You will be able to retrieve the information at any time, and automatically remember things that were once forgotten. Isn’t that remarkable?

Senior moments are common among seniors. But it does not have to be like that. A better brain with a powerful memory and targeted focus will give you an edge in every aspect of life, even as you continue to age. Mental Photography can effectively reduce the amount of sleep you need and make you wake up feeling great with more energy and enthusiasm than ever before. Help your brain remember the things you wish to remember. Do not let your mind slip. 

For more information on how to build a better brain, also go to ZOX Mind Training System.

Another way to stop the aging mind is meditation. Stop your mind from aging with meditation, which is a proven antidote to aging of the human mind.

Aging occurs because your endocrine system (responsible for the production of hormones) deteriorates over decades of wear and tear. Your human growth hormone (HGH) keeps you healthy through rejuvenation, and your DHEA (dehydroeplandrosterone) is instrumental in delaying aging through controlling emotional and mental stress. Unfortunately, the production of these hormones declines with age. Such decline begins to take toll on your brain cells. To further aggravate the impaired mental condition, stress increases with age: you have more health problems and life’s issues to deal with than you were much younger. As a result, your impaired mind begins to age rapidly after age 60.

Scientific studies have repeatedly demonstrated that a positive mind can bring about health and wellness, and that positive thinking enhances the immune system. In other words, there is a close connection between the body and mind in terms of wellness.

Unfortunately, often times, it is difficult to stay positive because you simply cannot control your thoughts. When your thoughts are out of control, your mind becomes chaotic. The human mind becomes chaotic when there are too many things and events happening simultaneously, such that the distracted mind begins to bounce back and forth between events and happenings, causing internal chaos. A chaotic mind produces biological and chemical changes in both the mind and body, which affect the overall well-being of an individual, in particular, the mental health.

The good news is that meditation is an antidote to a chaotic mind because when you meditate you consciously and subconsciously direct your mind to focus on only the present moment to the exclusion of everything else in the past or in the future. This single-minded focus brings calmness to a chaotic mind. Meditation is recovery to a chaotic mind, just as sleep is rejuvenation to an exhausted body.

The anti-aging benefits of meditation have been validated in scientific studies. For example, in one study, participants who regularly meditated had shown a significant increase of DHEA; in another study, those who meditated for more than 5 years were physiologically younger by more than 10 years than their chronological age. The simple fact is that meditation benefits your mind by increasing your brain's gray matters.

Meditate to stop your mind from aging. Learn how to meditate: it is easy, and there are no right or wrong ways to meditate; just learn the basic techniques.

For more information, visit my web page: Meditation Techniques.

Yet another way to stop the aging mind is napping. Sleep has been known to be an important component to brain function and memory for some time. A recent study on sleep and learning conducted by Dr. Walker, University of California Berkeley, provides further support.

Some scientists suggest that the human animal is designed to sleep in bouts, rather than one long period of time; the finding supports taking naps. About 30 percent of Americans nap during the mid-day. The study’s results support the idea that sleep clears the brain’s short-term memory storage and creates the ability for new information to be learned.. . . . Indeed, the brain needs a meaningful break in order to function optimally.

Finally, eating one meal a day with others may boost your brain health, and hence avoid or delay the occurrence of dementia. The human brain requires a comprehensive and integrated approach to health and a brain health lifestyle.

Eating one meal a day with family members or even friends and those you may not know very well can, surprisingly, be a major brain health activity. Sitting down to a meal helps you slow down,:you can listen to some music in the background, and tell stories over your meal. You can also use utensils, and that typically means you will eat healthier and eat less than when you eat with your fingers when you eat alone. These are several brain health boosts with one activity.

Therefore, it is recommended that you carve out the special time necessary to sit down and eat a meal with your loved ones on a daily basis. Your brain and body will thank you. . .

To conclude, there are ways to stop the aging mind. Do something with your brain before it is too late. Use it, or lose it. It's all up to you.

Stephen Lau
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