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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Balance and Harmony Wisdom

Balance and Harmony Wisdom

In this day and age, living in different phases of life is challenging. For one thing, in this world of technology and information, many of us are addicted to speed, which seems like a prerequisite for success in career and in many others facets of life. As a result, stress is unduly created, which may lead to toxic actions, reactions, thoughts and emotions. Consciously and subconsciously we have created for ourselves a world in which our bodies, our minds, and souls have become toxic and we live as if nothing is a miracle.

To do just the opposite—living as if everything is a miracle—we have to rethink the mind, renew the body, and reconnect the soul. To do just that, you need wisdom to "rethink" your mind, which may not be telling you the whole truth about your thoughts and life experiences; you need wisdom to "renew" your body, which lives in a toxic physical environment; you need spiritual wisdom to "reconnect" your soul, which is the essence of your spirituality.

The bottom line: the mind, and the soul have to be in perfect alignment—which is internal and external balance and harmony wisdom.

The truth of the matter is that the body, the mind, and the soul work together as a system of life energy. The free flow or stagnation of this life-giving energy is dependent on the “state of being” of the body, the mind, and the soul at each moment. It is this moment-to-moment alignment in the body, the mind, and the soul, as well as their alignment with one another, that creates your unique state of being, which is a miracle in itself.

What is your current state of being?

If you are living your life as if nothing is a miracle, most probably your body, mind, and soul are in misalignment with one another. You might feel your life has little or no meaning, without a goal or purpose, strangled with sadness, and doomed to despair whenever you are confronted with life challenges and obstacles that are as inevitable as death. On the other hand, if your current state of being is one of joy, hope, and purpose, you are living as if everything is a miracle because your body, mind, and soul are not only interconnected, but also in perfect balance and harmony with one another.

Alignment or realignment is interconnection of the body, mind, and soul to achieve ultimately the becoming and being of an individual’s true self.

Alignment and realignment of your body, mind, and soul will bring about your becoming, which is more important than your doing. That is to say, the ultimate goal in believing that everything in life is a miracle is to discover your destiny, not in what you will do, but in what you will become. With a reenergized body, a rekindled mind, and a revived soul, you are now willing to become the person God wants you to be in order to discover what God wants you to do. Your becoming is your being.

Stephen Lau
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