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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Natural Dental Hygiene

Maybe you always clean your teeth in the morning and before you go to bed. Or you may even use Listerine or other brands of mouthwash. But to really protect your teeth and mouth from harmful bacteria and gum deterioration, you need natural dental hygiene. For optimum oral health, use natural sesame oil to gargle on waking up.

Unlike other commercial mouthwashes, sesame oil has the following benefits:

1. It gently removes impurities from your tongue - the whitish coating.

2. It purifies your colon.

3. It improves your digestion.

Remember, digestive health is closely related to oral health. According to research studies, gargling and swishing oil in the mouth significantly reduces the number of species of bacteria in the space between teeth and gum, where gum diseases start.

Other benefits of using sesame oil for gargling and swishing for natural dental and oral hygiene include avoiding dryness of throat, cracked lips, and cavities.

Instructions for natural dental and oral hygiene are as follows:

1. Put some warm sesame oil in your mouth. Swish and gargle for a minute or two.

2. With your finger, massage, gently but thoroughly, some sesame oil into your gums.

3. Rinse your mouth to remove the residue of sesame oil.

This is the most natural dental and oral hygiene. Oral health is particularly important as you age.

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