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Friday, April 20, 2018

Create Your Own Happiness Recipe

Create Your Own Happiness Recipe

Like everybody else, you want to be happy. But, unfortunately, happiness always seems elusive and out of reach. Maybe the explanation is that happiness is a uniquely individualized experience; that is, what is happiness to me may not be happiness to you. There is no blueprint for the pursuit of happiness; there is no one-that-fits-all recipe for happiness. The bottom line: you must create your own happiness recipe through looking at ancient wisdom from the East and the West, conventional wisdom, and spiritual wisdom.

A happiness recipe is like a GPS that guides us in the direction of the different destinations we are heading. Some of us may choose the highways; others may prefer local or toll-free routes. Likewise, a happiness recipe is a matter of personal choice and preference, based on each individual’s own past and present life experiences, as well as the core values of that individual.

Core values are not life goals, which have to be pursued and achieved in order to give an individual happiness; core values, on the other hand, are beliefs of an individual in humanity that have to be lived, rather than just being acknowledged, in order to fully experience the innate happiness in humanity. Remember, your core values are your beliefs that are meaningful only to you, giving you happiness now and then. They may be something held in common by many people, or they may not be. Your core values are meaningful only to you, regardless of whether they are meaningful to anyone you know. Therefore, you do not have to remodel your life to live the core values of others. Of course, you may want to adapt your life to transform yourself if you appreciate some of the core values of others. That explains why you need creativity to try a new recipe, or change some of the ingredients in your current recipe.

Remember, you are living a life in which you spend a lot of your time engaged in actions that are an expression of your core values, as well as a reflection of the person you are meant to be. These actions, or rather your perceptions by your thinking mind of these actions, give you happiness or unhappiness—that is why you need wisdom to take these right actions.

Bottom line: it is humanly possible to be happier more of the time and to experience higher quality happiness than you have ever felt before. Just learn from some of the real-life examples expressed in the book The Happiness Wisdom to help you become wiser and happier!

Stephen Lau
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