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Monday, January 15, 2018

Dental Health and Over-Acidification

Dental Health and Over-Acidification

Dental Health and Tooth decay may be more than just brushing your teeth not hard enough or rinsing your mouth with Listerine not often enough. Your body chemistry may be the culprit.

Your body's acid-alkaline imbalance may play a pivotal part in tooth decay. Too acidic an environment may strip the enamel of your teeth of minerals, making them more vulnerable to attack by bacteria, and thus causing tooth decay. Acidity in your mouth may also affect the potency of your saliva in checking bacteria from leftover bits of food in your mouth. Furthermore, any upset in your body's acid-alkaline ratios may lead to improper absorbing of nutrients, such as calcium, the lack of which result in tooth decay.

The bottom line: Don't just brush your teeth and rinse your mouth; keep your body free from over-acidification. Excess intake of foods containing great amount of acid, and insufficient elimination through your kidneys (urination) and the skin (perspiration) may lead to acid-alkaline imbalance, which is the underlying cause of tooth decay. Remember, the corrosive nature of acid causes inflammation, which is often a source of pain (tooth ache) and gum disease.

The main sources of acidity from foods and drinks are: animal proteins, cereals, and sugars; alcohol, coffee, and sugary drinks. Eat more alkaline foods, such as green vegetables, colored vegetable, chestnuts, black currant fruits, potatoes, bananas, almonds and Brazil nuts, among others.

A balanced acid-alkaline diet is essential for not only general health, but also dental health.

The Acid-Alkaline Diet: Balance your body's chemistry to create internal balance for self-healing, weight loss, and wholesome wellness.

Freedom from Dental Disease: Save yourself thousands of dollars by achieving a disease-free mouth through self-healing. Conventional dentistry may not help you with gum disease and tooth decay. Treat your mouth disease naturally. Find out what you should know about your mouth and body that no doctor or dentist is going to tell you.

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