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Monday, June 5, 2017

Be Happy and Not Be Depressed!

Everybody wants to be happy because happiness is the essence of life and living. What is the point of living in this world if we are unhappy most of the time? Indeed, many people are depressed and unhappy. Sadly, to many, the quest for happiness is forever unreachable—just like a carrot-and-stick in front of a mule; the more pain it experiences, the more desire it shows to reach out for the forever unattainable carrot in front. In many ways, we are like the mule.

Why is happiness so difficult to attain?

Without human wisdom, the pursuit of happiness is like wandering in the wilderness without a compass and a roadmap. So, human wisdom is the key to unlocking true human happiness.

First and foremost, you need to be wise so as to be good in order to be happy.

What is wisdom? Wisdom has to do with the thinking mind.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “The ancestor to every action in the physical world is a thought.” In other words, wisdom comes from the mind: how you think, and how you perceive and react to your thought. Wisdom is different from knowledge in that a knowledgeable person may not necessarily be wise, and by the same token a wise person does not have to be knowledgeable. Wisdom has much to do with the interpretation and application of what an individual knows to his or her everyday life and living.

If you are wise, you will know how to be happy, and never become depressed.

My Way! No Way! TAO Is The Way!
TAO Wisdom To Live And Survive In A World Of Depression

This book is perhaps one the few books with an unconventional approach to depression, a universal mind disorder affecting many people worldwide. Instead of the conventional ways of avoiding depression with distractions, such as exercise, suppressing its symptoms with affirmations and visualizations, and elevating its depressive moods with medications, this 180-page book uses the ancient wisdom from China, what is known as TAO wisdom, to experience anything and everything in depression, that is, going through every aspect of depression.  

TAO wisdom may enlighten you so that you can ultimately free yourself from depression, or at least look at your own depression very differently.

 Stephen Lau
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