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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Fear of Aging

Fear comes with aging. As you age, fear may come in many different forms, such as fear of falling, fear of becoming ill, fear of loneliness, and, above all, fear of dying.

Fear can paralyze you. If you are afraid to fall, it will immobilize you. You will be afraid to go out lest you fall. Unfortunately, immobility is the leading cause of falls among the elderly. The reason is that you fall because your muscles have lost their flexibility due to immobility, and hence the body balance, resulting in falls. Overcome fear of falls by exercising muscles at any age, and by improving vision.

Fear of becoming ill is another cause of stress to the body and the mind. You become more vulnerable to illnesses, not necessary due to age, but because of a weakened immune system. Stress, in any form, weakens the immune system. Learn to relax your mind. It is easier said than done. You need the mind to help you. Learn to harness your mind power, which controls your thinking, your decisions and actions as a result of it. Meditation is the best way to relax. (go to my web page: Meditation healing to find out how you can heal with meditation and learn easy meditation techniques to relax both your body and mind).

Fear of loneliness is often due to lack of purpose in life. Spirituality is the art of living well. Cherish your spiritual growth as you continue to age (for more information, visit my web page: Spiritual Healing) to overcome fear of loneliness and fear of death.

Remember, although a mental feeling, fear is a delayed physical reaction. If you feel fear in your body, you become fearful for your body. For example, if you have a deadline to meet in your work, you become stressed; that is, you become fearful of the possibility of losing your job. By the same token, fear of fall, of becoming ill can have similar related consequences created in the mind. Any physical fear creates yet another stress—the stress to avoid the fear of pain, injury, or even death. Do not let the vicious circle of fear impair your health and rob you of your wellness.

When fear is acutely felt in your body, it causes anxiety that can cause physical illness. Worse, once fear becomes a habit, it is hard to be eradicated. Much of human adult behavior is based on the fear that is created in the mind through erroneous perceptions. To solve this mental problem, you will have to begin with the mind—always mind over matter.

The good news is that meditation can help you stop, and listen to your inner voice, and accept who you are and what you are. Essentially, meditation enables you to get to know true self with self-acceptance without fear. Meditation changes what the mind’s eye perceives. It is based on a feeling of isolation and separation, so that you will understand ultimately your true self.

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Stephen Lau
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Friday, August 9, 2013

Aromatherapy and Arthritis Pain

Health is the most natural state of being. To maintain true health in its natural state, you need natural herbs, not man-made pharmaceutical drugs. Herbal medicine is the most widespread of all forms of medicine.

Aromatherapy is one form of natural medicine, which makes use of essential oils from plants. Aromatherapy has a long history and tradition. The Arabs were the first to use essential oils to promote health and wellness. Essential oils are concentrated substances obtained from plants for their medicinal values. It is based on the concept of smell, which affects not only your emotions but also your moods, and therefore is conducive to natural physical and mental health.

Aromatherapy is the application of essential oils, which are highly concentrated substances extracted from medicinal herbs and plants, to treat various health problems and to promote general wellness. To maintain the efficacy of essential oils, do not use oils consecutively for several days. Also do not inhale too much at one time: more is not necessarily better, because the olfactory center of your brain may become overwhelmed, causing headaches or even nausea.

A good way to use essential oils is to place a few drops on the surface of the bath water just before bathing. Another way of application is to dilute it into a base vegetable oil before applying to the skin in massage.

Aromatherapy to treat arthritis pain is based on the principle of detoxification and improved circulation to eliminate pain in the joints.

Use Cypress, Juniper, and Lemon as bath oils, or diluted in a base oil for massage into the affected area. In particular, Juniper has an anti-inflammatory effect. Black Pepper, Ginger, Marjoram, and Rosemary are essential oils to stimulate circulation to eliminate pain.

Get more information on essential oils.

To maximize the effect of aromatherapy, drink a tea from celery seeds (which is alkalizing) to remove acidic toxins from your body. Place one teaspoon of lightly crushed celery seeds in a teapot. Pour boiling water and leave for ten minutes. Add some chopped fresh parsley. This drink helps to detoxify your body. To improve circulation, drink fresh ginger tea, which is made from fresh ginger root (1-2 inches) steeped in boiling water for 20 minutes.

The drinks above and daily bath and massage with essential oils will soothe your arthritis pain, if not eliminate it.

How To Use Essential Oils: Get all your recipes for aromatherapy for natural health and healing.

Stephen Lau

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